Written by Hugo and Seiun award – winning author Allen Steele and authorized by the estate of Edmond Hamilton, these are the authentic new adventures of the greatest space hero of science fiction’s Pulp Era, updated and modernized for the 21st century.

book cover of "avengers of the moon"
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Avengers of the Moon Tor Books, hardcover/paperback/ebook, 2017 (The Return of Ul Quorn, Vol. 1)

The new adventures of Captain Future and the Futuremen begin! Curt Newton, born on the Moon and raised in secret by the Brain, Otho, and Grag, grows up to avenge the murders of his parents by Victor Corvo and has his first encounter with the real villain responsible for their deaths: Ul Quorn, the Magician of Mars! Nominated for Japan’s 2021 Seiun Award for Best Foreign Science Fiction Novel.


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Amazing Selects editions: illustrated and including special bonus material

Captain Future in Love Amazing Selects, paperback/ebook, 2019 (The Return of Ul Quorn, Vol. 2, Book 1)

The epic continues. Curt Newton, now the interplanetary trouble-shooter known throughout the solar system as Captain Future, goes to Venus to stop a plot to destroy its orbital mining colony, only to find again the first girl he ever loved and revisit the story of their time together as misfits on the run.

Bonus: “A Brief History of Captain Future” — a historical essay by Allen Steele



Book Cover, Guns of Pluto

The Guns of Pluto Amazing Selects, paperback/ebook, 2020 (The Return of Ul Quorn, Vol. 2, Book 2)

Following their adventures at Venus, Captain Future and the Futuremen head for Pluto, assigned to quell a violent breakout at the toughest prison in the solar system and once again encounter Victor Corvo, only to discover that Ul Quorn, presumed long dead, has returned with a deadly scheme in mind … and Curt himself is part of it!

Bonus: “The Harpers of Titan” — an original Captain Future novelette by Edmond Hamilton


Book Cover, 1500 Light Years from Home
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1,500 Light Years From Home Amazing Selects, paperback/ebook, 2021 (The Return of Ul Quorn, Vol. 3, Book 1)

Captured by Ul Quorn, Curt Newton is abducted far beyond the solar system to a mysterious world orbiting the dying star Deneb, there to discover the fate of a lost race and the most lethal weapon in the galaxy … one that the Magician of Mars is determined is control!

Bonus: “Capt. Future Meets Gilbert & Sullivan” — a parody stage play by science fiction fans


Book Cover, The Horror at Jupiter
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The Horror at Jupiter Amazing Selects, paperback/ebook, 2021 (The Return of Ul Quorn, Vol. 3, Book 2)

The epic reaches its thunderous conclusion as Curt Newton returns from the depths of interstellar space as the unwitting pawn of Ul Quorn, and the final struggle of Captain Future and the Futuremen against the Magician of Mars, with the fate of Earth itself hanging in the balance!

Bonus: “How the Galaxy Was Won: An Early History of Space Opera” — essay by Allen Steele