My Captain Future Soundtrack

I’m an author who seeks inspiration from the music to which I’m listening while I’m developing and writing a given story or novel. In fact, while I’m working on something, I’ll deliberately choose a certain kind of music, usually by a mixed set of artists, which I find appropriate to the kind of story I’m writing. I call that music the story’s “soundtrack” just as if it was background music for a movie … which it is, kinda, because a novel is sort of like a movie that I’ve got running in my own head.

While writing the Captain Future series, I listen most often to jazz-rock fusion and progressive rock (aka space rock) from the 70’s. Here’s a list of artists and albums as suggestions for stuff you may enjoy while reading the stories. I’ve never put together an actual mix-CD or MP3, but if I did, it would include this material:

Art by Wm. Michael Kaluta
Art by Wm. Michael Kaluta

Lenny White; Tales of the Astral Pirates (Theme music: “Prelude” and “Pursuit”)

Return to Forever; Return to the Seventh Galaxy

            Happy the Man; Happy the Man (first album) and Crafty Hands

            Mahavishnu Orchestra; Between Nothingness & Eternity (Live)

            Hawkwind: Space Ritual (Live) and Hall of the Mountain Grill

            Yes: Fragile and Keys to Ascension (Live)


Forward the Legion!

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